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Geek Crafts

Showcasing the best in homemade nerdery!

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Geek Crafts
Welcome to Geek Crafts, the community dedicated to projects that are inspired by movies, tv shows, comics, video games and more!

Have you ever:

- Missed important plot points in a film or television show because you were trying to figure out the construction of a character's hat or scarf?
- Studied your favorite animal character for hours so you could make an accurate amigurumi or plush about it?
- Drooled over official merchandise such as a sweater or socks, but never able to afford it? Or maybe you just weren't satisfied with it and wanted to perfect it yourself?
- Been watching something and suddenly had the urge to MAKE A CAKE ABOUT IT?


We welcome crafters in ALL fields! Knitting, crocheting, sewing, felting, baking, cooking... if it's a craft, and if it pertains to some icon of geekdom, then we welcome it here!

1) Only one picture is allowed before the lj-cut. This picture must be a MAXIMUM of 400x400 px. Not sure how to resize your picture? It's easy! When you're posting the < img src > tag, just include the phrase height="400" or width="400" (depending on which one is larger) somewhere in the tag. Ex: <.img src="http://imgurlhere.com" height="400".>. Of course, you'll have to take out the periods between the brackets. ♥ If you're still confused, pm me about it and I'll help you out.

2) NO SOLICITING. You may post a link to your Etsy/website/journal where an item can be bought, but it has to be secondary to the pattern/finished object that you post. Absolutely no mega-posts devoted just to the items you have on sale. There are plenty of other communities for that.

3) Constructive criticism is welcome, but no flaming! This community is designed for beginners and experts alike. If someone posts something that is less than perfect, you are encouraged to provide advice for them to get better, but no mean comments. That's just rude.

4) You are free to use any of the patterns posted here for your own use. You may not sell any item that you make from any of the patterns without explicit permission from the originator of the pattern. If we catch you selling any of these items without that permission, you will be banned forever and just generally shamed. SHAMED.

5) You are welcome to post links to other patterns that you find elsewhere on the web, but the pattern MUST INCLUDE a link back to the original pattern and any other credit you can find to put up. Seriously, don't take credit for other people's patterns. It is not cool, and I will find you and spank you.


6) The item you post MUST BE inspired by a movie, television show, book, video game, comic/graphic novel, etc. There are plenty of other communities dedicated to general knitting and crochet projects, but we ask that your project be at least loosely based on the world and aesthetic of your geekdom, and at best a direct interpretation of an item seen in the particular movie, tv show etc. (Example: The Fourth Doctor's scarf is a PERFECT item to display in this community!) That's why we are Geek Crafts—we want to emulate the object of our geekitude in real life!



If you'd like to affiliate with geekcrafts, please message one of the maintainers and we'll add you to the list!

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