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07 May 2012 @ 04:04 pm
Waka waka waka  
Did you know that if you stick your finger in your ear and wiggle it back and forth, it kinda sounds like PacMan?

I'll wait while you try that out...

*Cue jeopardy theme*

See? Anyhoozle, back to actually making a positive, productive, and on-topic entry, earlier today, lizzie_borden reminded me with one of her comments on my previous entry displaying my Pyramid Head cross stitch piece, that I still hadn't shared my PacMan CuppyCakes with you guys! I made these for MomoCon 2012, for the security team. I bake when I'm stressed, and MomoCon happened to fall on the third anniversary of my grandma's death and my Mom was only just getting her life back after a year and a half of chemo and radiation; so I was a little on edge and my friend Chris (Yes, the same guy that my Pyramid Head piece was stitched for) offered to get me outta the house via MomoCon because he was working security and is close with the head of security, so I brought cuppycakes for all of the guys on security because I've worked security at a con, and it's SERIOUSLY TAXING WORK and you need a sugar rush (cupcake! extra frosting!) and a caffeine rush (mountain dew! monster!) several times a day.

So, without further aidu, I give you my

They look a little odd here because I hadn't yet adjusted them after the hour long drive to Atlanta, but I haven't gotten the "good" pictures from Chris yet either, so here you go-I'm sure you guys can use your imagination and see where the lines were SUPPOSED to go, and where they needed to be straightened up, etc. These are double vanilla cupcakes (my grandma's recipe) with chocolate frosting and white chocolate accents (SUGAR RUSH!) and seven sprinkles. Yes, I counted. Trust me, there are seven. I'm anal retentative like that. Everyone said they were yummy...Especially with Monster energy drinks. :)
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bluefalconchickbluefalconchick on May 8th, 2012 02:08 am (UTC)
Thanks! The design was a little last minute and I didn't have the EXACT gel food coloring I wanted/needed (and gods forbid, I go to the store...), but I thought they turned out well.